How Can Physio Help?

Physiotherapy is used to treat a wide range of cases including Post-surgery, geriatrics, trauma and general maintenance for performance and fitness

Though each treatment is individually tailored for your animal,  the main aims from your session are to:

  • Prevent pain

  • Maintain Range of Motion and Flexibility

  • Improve Gait

  • Increase Muscle Strength

  • Increase fitness and performance

  • Increase Proprioception

  • Improve core stability

  • Adapt home environment and management 

  • Improve Quality of Life

Our aim is to provide an informative, relaxed and friendly service to you and your animal. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this prior an appointment.


Modalities Used

Manual Therapies


Joint mobilisation

Myofascial release


Cryotherapy/Thermal therapy


Class IV Laser

Pulsed  Electro-Magnetic Field 

Neuromuscular -Electrical Stimulation


Remedial Exercise

Core stability

Proprioceptive exercises

Active and Passive exercises

Pole work

Balance equipment


Ground work

 Meet Danielle

Danielle has always had a great passion for animals and their welfare and has worked with them from a very early age. A natural take to science, in particular anatomy, physiology and how thing work, led Danielle to a undergraduate degree  where she graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Bio-Veterinary Science. Her dissertation research on canine facial anatomy and their ability to hear was also used in a BBC documentary. She then went on qualify with  PgDip in Veterinary Physiotherapy, accredited by the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP). 

Since qualifying Danielle has worked in various Veterinary Practices including ParkVets as the Head Physiotherapist for 7 hospital branches. Here she furthered her physiotherapy knowledge by working with a wide range of cases, both common and unique, working alongside specialist orthopedic Vet Surgeons. 

Danielle then went on to start up her own Veterinary Physiotherapy, McMahon Veterinary Physiotherapy, treating a range of species with various conditions and limitations. 

Danielle has a keen interest in Arthritis progression and how we can prevent the disease from a young age!



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