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After you animal has had their treatment, I will give you a tailored remedial exercise sheet where you can carry on the good work in between their physio sessions. 

These sheets will also include a home environment check list to help them with their conditon / prevent further injury.



A report is written following the appointment. This will be sent to the vet and any paraprofessionals  to ensure a multimodel approach and that we are all are working towards the best outcome for your animal 


Inbetween sessions, clients will have full support on the phone and online. 

I am always here for you and your pet

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Canine & Small Animal Physiotherapy: Services

Canine & Small Animal Physiotherapy

Small animals ranging from dogs to rabbits to birds can all benefit from veterinary physiotherapy. Whether they are healthy and having maintenance treatments or if they are injured or post-surgical and need a physiotherapy to get them back to full mobility and comfort. 


I would have previously received your animals medical history prior to the appointment from your vet. 

I will then introduce myself to your animal and give them time to say hello. In the mean time, we will have a chat about your animals history, lifestyle, any concerns and any aims that you are wanting to acheive



Now your animal is  more settled and we have said our hellos, I will watch how your animal naturally stands, making note of their posture and overall condition


Following on from the static assesment, I will then assess yur animals movements. This will include the animal walking, trotting, circuling, sitting, lying etc whilst I analyse for areas of lameness, stiffness, pain, asymmetry and compensations in their gait. 


Whilst taking our time and making sure your animal is comfortable throughout, I will then assess the musculoskeletal system by gathering the information from your animals joints, muscles, range of motion and body language. 



Once all assessments have been conducted, I can then peice together all the imformaton collected to create an individual treatment plan for you animal. Treatment will range from manual therapies such as massage, stretches to electroptherapies including class IV LASER and PEMF to remedial exercises. 

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