What can I expect from a session?

Danielle will have received a Veterinary History prior the appointment and also gather relevant information about the animals lifestyle, management and what goals are wanting to be achieved. 

During your Physiotherapy session I will conduct a thorough assessment which includes:

  • Static Assessment

  • Dynamic Assessment

  • Palpation Assessment 

This will allow me to identify potential abnormalities, areas of restriction, pain

and asymmetries and link this all to the animals history, lifestyle and goals. 

I will then produce an individual treatment plan consisting of:

  • Manual therapies

  • ​Electrotherapies​

  • Remedial passive and active exercise

  • Home exercise programme

  • Environmental Adaptation sheet - including advise on condition management and aids around the house

  • Communication with the Vet/Hydrotherapist/Trainer/Behaviourist where necessary

You will be sent home with 'homework' to carry out with your animal, and progress and outcomes will be discussed during the following session. 

Danielle works closely with the Veterinary Surgeon, relevant professionals, owner and patient to ensure a multi-model approach is used. 

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Veterinary Referral Form

Before any treatment, permissions needs to be obtained from your Veterinary Surgeon to adhere to the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. Please download the form below and send to your Vet. If you wish Danielle can contact the Vet for you, just download the form and fill out your details. 
This is a legal requirement for any practitioner that carries out treatment on your animal.


Canine & Small Animal Physiotherapy


Equine Physiotherapy


Ruminent and Farm Animal Physiotherapy


Class IV laser Therapy


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