Horses and large animals can experience musculoskeletal problems from their everyday roles and from the demands we put them through. Any animal can benefit from regular veterinary physiotherapy whether its to treat a current injury, to prevent an injury or to improve performance.


If you horse is having physiotherapy for as condition/injury then I would have recieved your vets consent and medical history prior to the appointment. 

At the beginning of the session we will discuss the horses history, work load, short and long term aims that you wish to achieve and any concerns. 



The assessment begins with observing how the horse stands and holds themselves, getting an overall appearance of any muscle imbalances, weight shifting, posture and signs of injury


Following static, your horse is then assesed dynamically.  Walking, trotting, circling, stepping backwards will all be assessed on both soft and hard surfaces. 


Whilst taking our time and making sure your animal is confortable throughout, I will then assess the musculoskeletal sysyem by gathering the information from your animals joints, muscles, range of motion and body language. 



Once all assessments have been conducted, I can then peice together all the imformaton collected to create an indivual treatment plan for you animal. Treatment will involve a variety of modalities such as massage, trigger point and myofascial release, stretches to electroptherapies including class IV LASER and PEMF to remedial exercises. 


A tailored exercise prescription will be created to target problem areas and our rehabilitation aims. These will involves a variety of in hand exercises, stretches, pole work, ground work, ridden and proprioceptive exercises. 

Horses are recommended to have the following 24 hours off after their treatment, so please bear this in mind. 


A report is written following the appointment. This will be sent to the vet and any paraprofessionals such as farrier, saddler etc to ensure a multimodel approach and that we are all working towards the best outcome for your horse. 


Inbetween sessions, clients will have full support on the phone and online. 

I am always here for you and your pet.

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